About Us



In 2016, Caribbean Green became the first certified medical cannabis crop in Puerto Rico.

Our endeavor is to grow the best world-class cannabis. To achieve this requires time, dedication, knowledge… and a lot of patience. Our experience: 18 years studying, perfecting and adapting Dutch cultivation and preparation techniques to the tropics; to achieve the best variety in rotation and fulfill our purpose of offering the best cannabis in Puerto Rico.

That is the main reason that motivates each of our employees to continue making the best medicinal cannabis product, following the most rigorous quality and health controls.

All Caribbean Green cannabis products have our certification and all the laboratory tests required by law.

Our commitment: Variety of strains with exquisite terpenes in multiple potency percentages, 0 insecticides, hand trimmed, something for every patient. After all, we are patients.

Mr. & Mrs. Green Genetics coming soon!